What we do

We’re about making websites and applications that make your life better – they help your voice be heard, bring your ideas to the world and remove the tedium from your everyday. We’re also about making websites that make life better for your customers and colleagues – websites that help them connect and communicate with you, that engage them and keep them coming back for more.

Most importantly, we want to empower you: by freeing your time for the important stuff, giving you the knowledge and know-how you need, or by simply giving you the right tools.

Our services

We’re able to provide the full suite of web design and development services. Depending on your needs we can either provide just the services you need, or we can fully manage your website for you: from setup and development, to hosting and monitoring.

Design and web development

  • graphic design services
  • interface design
  • content management systems
  • business support systems
  • customised solutions
  • external system and services integration

Consulting and support services

  • website and application design
  • research and requirements gathering
  • agile development
  • website health checks
  • code refactoring
  • advice and support for anything web

Complete website management

  • Domain name & DNS management
  • Website hosting
  • Email hosting
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • secure access/authentication
  • encryption
  • SSL certificates


  • retail sites, online catalogues
  • B2B systems
  • PayPal and payment gateway integration


  • search engine optimisation
  • email marketing
  • list management
  • Twitter, Facebook, myspace integration
  • RSS feeds

Our philosophy »

We’re not magicians

There’s no slight of hand, no secret knowledge. A magician never reveals his tricks, but we’re more than happy to tell you what we’ve done and why. We believe in transparency: we want to help you learn more about the web and what your website can do for you.

Websites that matter

The first question we’ll ask you is “what do you want your website to do?”. This question is about more than functionality, it’s about what you want to achieve with your website. We make websites that matter: to you and to your customers.

It’s not complicated, it’s just good service

We don’t believe in contracts, complicated requirements documents or rigid schedules. Not happy with our service? Looking for something else? Moving to Bermuda and want to take your website with you? We won’t charge you exit fees, force you to stay with us or hold your website or data for ransom.

Our people »

Lachlan Sylvester

Lachlan has a particular passion for making websites that matter and customised web applications… and also trying to forget that any Star Wars films were released post 1983.

Vicki Ball

Vicki had been completing a BSc degree with the aim of eventually out-astrophysicsing Stephen Hawking. Luckily a series of opportunities meant Vicki found herself with a career in IT.

Our tools »

Automated deployment

Capistrano is used to automate our deployment, meaning we can publish changes in less than 60 seconds. If there’s a problem we can roll back to a previous working version at the stroke of a key.

The Hypothetical Blog: Stark Raving Sane

April 05 Icons, icons and icons!

Building any kind of web interface, particularly one that requires any kind of human interactivity, will at some time utilise icons. Whether they be on buttons, used in headings, or tabs or panels, icons are like little visual pieces of informative haiku: small, succint and should make you smile.

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What We're Reading


In our opinion, Ryan Bates is something of a Rails stevedore: since March of 2007 he’s been packaging and delivering Railscasts to the interwebs on a weekly basis.

Available through iTunes or via download on the Railscast website, each episode lasts between five and twenty minutes, with shownotes and additional resources also available on the website.

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