Our tools

We use a wide range of tools to build, manage and support our applications.

Agile development tools

Prototype, Scriptaculous, Ruby on Rails

We use Ruby on Rails, a Ruby web application framework that allows us to quickly create powerful and adaptable web applications.

To make user-friendly and fun interfaces we draw on libraries like scriptaculous and prototype.

Version control

Git, Codebase

We use a git repository hosted on Codebase. These version control tools allow us to have a full and complete history of every change ever made to the application, and also provide a remotely located backup as well.

Automated deployment


Capistrano is used to automate our deployment, meaning we can publish changes in less than 60 seconds. If there’s a problem we can roll back to a previous working version at the stroke of a key. Your users won’t notice a thing!

Effective hosting


We host all of our solutions on Slicehost, an affordable and reliable provider. Slicehost provides us with our own virtual private server, meaning we can create exactly the environment your application needs.

Tested codebase


We test our applications all the time- while we make them, when we change them, before they go live and whenever we deploy them. Sometimes we test them before we’ve written a line of code. We like to be confident so you can be too!

24×7×365 monitoring

New Relic, Get Exceptional

We monitor every aspect of our applications on a 24×7×365 basis. We make sure they’re available, New Relic makes sure they performing at their best, and GetExceptional tracks any errors that occur- giving us the how and when to fix the why.

Project management

Basecamp, Codebase

Creating a great application is more than just great code, it’s about being on spec, on time and on the button. We’re big fans of 37 Signals and their suite of tools for managing and collaborating about projects We also use Codebase’s issue management system, allowing us to more easily track issues and code changes with just one tool.


Google Analytics

A website should never stop changing and growing. Knowing who, how and why people are visiting your website is vital to making that growth informed and organic. That’s why we install Google Analytics with every application we create. We also recommend creating or using tools for soliciting and managing feedback from your clients.

Our brains


We like the internet. We browse it, watch it, listen to it, talk about it and think about it all the time. We also use our brains to make useful and exciting websites for the internet.

Zombies like our brains and you will too.

The Hypothetical Blog: Stark Raving Sane

April 05 Icons, icons and icons!

Building any kind of web interface, particularly one that requires any kind of human interactivity, will at some time utilise icons. Whether they be on buttons, used in headings, or tabs or panels, icons are like little visual pieces of informative haiku: small, succint and should make you smile.

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What We're Reading


In our opinion, Ryan Bates is something of a Rails stevedore: since March of 2007 he’s been packaging and delivering Railscasts to the interwebs on a weekly basis.

Available through iTunes or via download on the Railscast website, each episode lasts between five and twenty minutes, with shownotes and additional resources also available on the website.

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