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Rubular: a Ruby regular expression editor and tester

By Vicki Ball

Perhaps I’m a little odd, but I find regular expressions thrilling- a mix of fun and scary, powerful and complex.

Rubular is a great website for testing out regular expressions for Ruby. I find its responsive ajax interface particularly useful- have your sample text and build up the regular expression piece by piece.

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The Hypothetical Blog: Stark Raving Sane

April 05 Icons, icons and icons!

Building any kind of web interface, particularly one that requires any kind of human interactivity, will at some time utilise icons. Whether they be on buttons, used in headings, or tabs or panels, icons are like little visual pieces of informative haiku: small, succint and should make you smile.

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In our opinion, Ryan Bates is something of a Rails stevedore: since March of 2007 he’s been packaging and delivering Railscasts to the interwebs on a weekly basis.

Available through iTunes or via download on the Railscast website, each episode lasts between five and twenty minutes, with shownotes and additional resources also available on the website.

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